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Lancaster ISD Launches 4th Annual District Anti-Bullying Campaign

Contact: Sonya Cole-Hamilton
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Thursday, October 10, 2013
Lancaster, Texas/Lancaster ISD
For the fourth consecutive year, the Lancaster ISD Police Department has joined forces with district students and staff to launch its month-long Anti-Bullying Campaign designed to raise awareness and share prevention techniques to mitigate bullying, especially in the district.

“The campaign serves to increase awareness and is a proactive approach toward this national issue.  Students have the opportunity to interact and become a part of the program, to ask questions and get in engaged in the presentation.” Dona Mitchell, spokesperson for the Lancaster ISD Police, said. 
While bullying is not a new problem in the schools around world, Lancaster ISD aims to make a large impact that will lessen its presence in the district.
“Awareness is the key,” Mitchell said. “Our motto is: Protecting and Guiding the Next Generation, we aim to do just that. We see this campaign helping the students make better decision among their peers and being successful in life.”
Some standard components of the programs include students taking the annual, ‘Anti-Bullying Pledge’ where they pledge to report incidents of bullying and not to bully others. Officers remind students to remain aware and explain the appropriate actions to take if someone is bullying them. Students also learn about the different types of bullying: verbal, social and physical. In addition, district officers talk to the students about cyberbullying, which is verbal, and/or social aggression carried out through technology.
While serving as Executive Director of Accountability, Dr. Lamont Smith also assists with student services and addresses issues related to bullying.

“If students are not aware of the various kinds of bullying, they may be participating without their knowledge,” he said. “We’re talking about good kids who may feel as if they are just playing or interacting in a different way without them being aware that they are causing harm to other students. As we continue to educate our students, we can minimize the impact of bullying.”
Since the institution of this program in the district, the Lancaster ISD Police Department can proudly report that Lancaster ISD is a ‘No Bully Zone’ school district. The district police have also strengthened the weight of the message throughout the city by incorporating local city and government officials as well as business owners to share the messages with the students.

The month-long initiative is known to include the orange and black striped “No-Bully Zone” placard command bus and a pep-rally style, informational session for all grade levels. Each presentation features the Lancaster High School Tiger mascots and even real-life, emotionally charged student theatrical dramatizations.

“This year, the program is designed to be even more interactive by getting more students involved in giving feedback.” Mitchell shared. “Our goal is to reach all of the students with a message to let them know that bullying is not allowed and if you are being bullied, report it.  
Even after the Anti-Bullying campaign season is over, Mitchell expects the concept message and resources to remain active throughout the year.
“We will continue to conduct bullying mediations, discuss bullying with students, make bullying resources available on district website, in the police office and by phone.” 

Campus Anti-Bullying Schedule: Available to Media Personnel by calling Lancaster ISD Communications 972-218-1415 or by emailing
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