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Lancaster ISD Participates In Red Ribbon Week October 27-31

It’s the 29th year for National Red Ribbon Week Campaign designed to raising drug awareness in our schools and about the destruction caused by drugs and alcohol as well as tobacco, which could be considered a gateway drug.

A gateway drug is one that is easy to get, that leads the user to possibly use more dangerous illicit drugs in the future. Tobacco would be considered in this category because it is easily available for adolescents.

The Red Ribbon Campaign not only teaches students about drug prevention, but also helps inform parents about their other program called Lock Your Meds. It urges parents to lock up all prescription medication to reduce prescription drug abuse among children.

The ribbon movement began in 1985 by a community in California and is the nation’s largest and oldest drug prevention campaign. This year’s theme is “Love Yourself, Be Drug Free.”

Students wear red ribbons with drug free life slogans, decorate doors and school hallways, hold pep rallies, host drug information session and much more.

Red Ribbon Week is a great start opportunity to open dialog between students, teachers and their parents about drug prevention.

This week in Lancaster ISD our campuses are participating in Red Ribbon Week Activities. Please click on the document for your student’s campus to see how they are encouraging students to live a Drug Free Life.

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